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Indigo RFID Plugin v2.x


reader.pngThe RFID Plugin v2.x for Indigo Software is a robust additon to your automation system and allows Indigo to Poll an RFID Reader, or Network of Readers within your home or business. The plugin is bundled for free with purchase of an RFID Reader, or an RFID Starter Kit if you already own Indigo. The Plugin allows the user to create a serial port RFID Readernet, and allows the user to connect to passive RFID Receivers that "listen" for RFID Tags in the environment. A variety of tags are available for personnel, pets and other assets.

The plugin is a little unique in that it polls for realtime data ALL the time. We strongly suggest that you adhere to the minumm system requirements for trouble-free operation.

Minimum System Requirements

A Macintosh Computer with a 1.83 MHz Core 2 Duo or Faster Processor, 4 GB RAM, Mac OS X 10.6.8 or Higher, Wired Ethernet preferred, Indigo 6.x or later. A USB to Serial Adaptor with an FTDI Chipset is required. We strongly recommend that the USB to Serial Adaptor used for Reader communications be installed on a USB Bus so that the serial port is the exclusive device on that USB Bus, and the Bus is not shared with other USB devices.


  • Long Range - Up to 450' with optional antennas
  • Handsfree Operation for Opening Garage Door, Card Access
  • Can detect when a tag enters the range of a reader and use as a trigger
  • Can determine the signal strength of a tag within the range of a reader and use as a trigger
  • Can detect when a tag *leaves* the range of a reader after a timeout and use as a trigger
  • Can detect if a tag is moving (using integral motion sensor) and use as a trigger
  • Can detect if a tag is at rest (using integral motion sensor) and use as a trigger
  • In multi-reader systems can determine closet reader based upon RSSI
  • Can calculate the battery life of tag
  • Can determine age of tag in seconds
  • On most tags, the integral reed switch can be used as a magnetic sensor and used as a trigger (KeyFob excluded)
  • On Key Fob tags, two pushbuttons can be used to manually activate independent triggers
  • One Card for both your automation system and your Wiegand Card Acess System with our 26 bit Wiegand Reader
Revision History
Version 1.10 Released January 28, 2013
Version 2.12 Released April 24, 2014
Download the Manual
Technical Support for the RFID Plugin for Indigo is provided 24-7 via email and Monday-Friday from 9 AM until 4 PM EST.
We also monitor the Indigo Discussion Forum. Please note that although we may comment on the discussion forum from time to time, it IS NOT intended as a primary means of obtaining technical support.
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Telphone Sales and Support:  678-388-9472   9 AM until 4 PM EST.
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