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What is the Range of The RX202 Series Reader ?
What are the System Requirements?
What are the differences between the RX202 and RX202-HA Reader ?
How do I obtain a Software Developer's Kit ?
What Type of RFID Tags Are Available ?
Will This Product Work in the UK and Other Countries ?
How many Readers Can I Install ?
What are the wiring requirements ?
Can I obtain Samples or Student Discounts ?
Can I use my own Power Supply
What is the Warranty on RFID Readers and RFID Tags ?
What is the Battery Life will I get a Battery Warning ?
Can I download a Manual of the RX202-HA Reader ?
Where can I learn More About HomeSeer ?
What is Polarization ?
Active Tags vs. Passive Tags, what's the Difference ?
Can I use the built in tamper switch as a Sensor ?
If used in a Vehicle, How fast can the vehicle travel and still be detected
What are the Characteristics of the Motion Sensing tags ?

Are the Tags Waterproof ?
Are the Tags Intrinsically Safe ?
Are there any plans for a national "tagged object"  registry ?
Are there any plans for a "mother-in-law" tag that has triple the transmit range ?
Are you working on any wireless solutions for the ReaderNet Network ?
Is the RX202 Reader Compatible with other software programs such as HAL2000 ?
Can my tags be monitored by my neighbor if he has a similar system ?
Are there any plans for specialized tags such as temperature monitoring ?
Are there RF shields available that block your frequency ?
Do you install these systems ?
Is there a handheld battery operated reader ?

What Agencies List the RX202 Readers and Tags ?

? The Range is programmable by setting the signal strength in the software and is ~10 Feet to 450 Feet (free air) depending upon environmental conditions and the tags used. Purchasing and installing optional antennas will permit directional operation and/or increased range. Back to Top

- The Homeseer Version of the RX202-HA Requires a Personal Computer with a Pentium III or faster Processor Running Window 2000, Windows NT, or Windows XP and 256MB of RAM. An unused Serial Port is required or USB 2.0 to Serial Adaptor. In order to use the integrated Web Server from a WAN, or the networking and notifications capabilities, an "always on" internet connection is required.

The Indigo Version of the RX202-HA Reader Requires a Macintosh Computer with Intel Core2 Duo 1.8 MHz or Faster Processor , 4 GB RAM, Mac OS X 10.6.8 Running Indigo 5.x or Later. A USB to Serial Converter with an FTDI Chipset is required.

The Crestron Version requires a Crestron Controller with an unused Serial Port and our Crestron Module(s) In order to use the integrated Web Server from a WAN, or the networking and notifications capabilities, an "always on" internet connection is required.  Back to Top

- The RX202SP RFID Reader is full featured and programmable and suitable for:

1. Adding to Existing Networks where Customers
have developed or provided their own Software or Hardware solutions based upon a previously purchased SDK, or compatible software purchased from or a 3rd party developer.

2. For Evaluation of RFID in your environment to determine: Range, Effectiveness and Responsiveness, to determine if the product is suitable for use and subsequent licensing of the SDK.

The RX202-HA reader is a limited version of the L-RX201 and is compatible only with HomeSeer 1.7x or later, Indigo 5.x or later and Crestron Systems for Home Automation and Residentilal applications.

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- The SDK is sold only to developers who first sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). No information is released without an NDA being in place. For more information please send an email request.  Back to Top

- There are are a variety of tags available, all tags are now supplied as the New ActivDuo Tags and have an intergral motion sensor that limits tag transmissions when the tag is at rest and also serves to transmit a distinct signal when in motion:

TGF  KeyFob Tag Which is meant to be attached to a keycahin. Has two manual pushbuttons
TGP-A Tag Which is meant for automotive windshield mount or personnel use.
TGA-A  Very Long Range, Industrial Tag, Weatherproof fo rinstallation on metallic assets
TGM-A "Micro-Tag" which is meant for Mounting on the outside of metallic objects & Computers
TGMS-A Micro-Strap Tag Which is meant for wrist mounting

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- Yes !! When ordering, simply specify the Country option for our SPS1210 Power Supply; it provides 1.2A at 12VDC in a full range of input voltages from 120VAC to 250VAC with the optional (no extra cost) adaptor. Agency approvals, both Safety and Emissions for : USA, CANADA, UK, EU, ISRAEL, AU & NZ  Back To Top

- Up to Ten Readers can be connected to the system using Shielded CAT3 or CAT5 Wiring and the SPS1210 Power Supply. Since the current limitation of the CAT5 wiring is 1A per pair, you cannot exceed 10 readers. An engineered solution will allow you to increase the number of readers on the network by increasing wire gauge, nodes etc. Contact us for larger installations Back To Top

- Although shielded CAT5 cable and RJ45 connectors can be used, only two pair of wires are connected. You CANNOT follow the 568A or 568B wiring standard. Two Pair Shielded wiring is required with shields bonded at each reader location and single point grounded at the Computer End ONLY.  If the shield is grounded anywhere else or in addition to the ground at the computer end, erratic operation will result.

Unshielded Cable may be used in retrofit installations but ferrite chokes must be installed on each cable connected to an R500 Reader. Please see the RX202 wiring diagram. Special Thanks to Thomas Koch for his spectacular efforts on this drawing.  Back to Top

- Regretfully we do not offer samples or discounts at this time based upon simple inquiries, but we will assist in engineering a solution for your firm or providing consulting services, or structuring volume based discounts. Please contact us if  you have this need. Back to Top

- No, you must use the SPS1210 Power Supply which is supplied in the installer setup kit or other software bundles. Using any other Power Supply voids the warranty.  Back to Top

- warrants that the L-RX201 readers shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year, warrants that the RFID Tags shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period one year. These warranties are based upon manufacturer's warranties and are subject to change.

The warranty does not cover components damaged by you, or your agents or employees, especially tags that have been left on an automotive  dashboard in conflict with instructions to mount on the windshield.  The warranty also does not cover tags damaged by fire, flood, lightning, power surges acts of God, Terrorism  or war.  Back to Top

- Tag battery life is based upon environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity that the tags are subjected to and will span approximately three to five years. A tag life counter exists in each Tag and a warning is generated by our software plug-in(s) when the tags begin to reach the end of their useful life.

Because the units are hermetically sealed to make them intrinsically safe, the Batteries are not replaceable. Using the minimum life expectancy of three years as a guide and single unit pricing, the cost of tag ownership is roughly the cost of a battery alone.  Back to Top

- The L-RX202-HA Manual will answer a lot of questions and can be downloaded here. Back to Top

 - HomeSeer is a full featured and Robust Automation program that interfaces to more third party interfaces than any home automation software product available today. For More information on HomeSeer, please use the HomeSeer online help file.  Back to Top

- The R500 Readers are typically mounted on walls, in closets, or behind furniture approximately 8' high. They can also be mounted in attics or on floor joists. Care should be taken when mounting on floor joists, or a floor below since the reader will detect an active tag from the floor above, etc. For more information on reader placement, please download the user guide. We recommend that temporary wiring be used to determine signals strengths and placement prior to final installation of readers. Back to Top

- Polarization of any radio transmitter and receiver is critical to proper range and signal reception. Our RFID readers and tags are no exception. Please download the user manual for details on the proper orientation (polarization) of R500HA Readers and Tags  Back to Top

- Active tags such as the TGF, TGP, TGA and TGMS transmit constantly a a predefined rate of repetition. Passive tags are "asleep" and are usually excited by a microwave transmission which "wakes up" the tag and the tag responds back. Because our system uses Active Tags, our systems detect when a tag enters the range of the reader, when it leaves the range of the reader, if the tag is moving (motion equipped models only)and if it has been tampered with.Our Readers are passive antennas that are always "listening" for the signal from the active tags.   Back to Top

- Because the tamper switch integrated into each of the tags transmits a unique "alarm" signal that is identifiable by software, the  tamper switch can be used for a variety of monitoring functions. Back to Top

- The manufacturer states that with a properly equipped antenna, the L-RX201 Readers can detect tags traveling at 300 MPH. For obvious reasons, we have only tested at a speed of 75 MPH with good results. If you you find a safe way to test at 300 MPH please let us know of your testing method and results. Back to Top

- AllWavetrend Tags are now equipped with the integral motion detector transmit a distinct signal that the software can respond to, when the tag is moving. This is useful for tagging assets that should never move, and for tagging assets that DO move to determine the activity level of the tag.  Back to Top

- All of the tags are ultrasonically sealed and and are splash proof. The tags cannot be submerged under water. Back to Top

- Yes, all Wavetrend Tags are Intrinsically safe, meaning a device, instrument or component that will not produce any spark or thermal effects under any conditions that are normal (or abnormal) that will ignite a specified gas mixture. Electrical and thermal energy limits are at levels incapable of causing ignition.  Back to Top

- Yes, that is why Radio Shack has been asking for your phone number over all of these years when you buy a watch battery. All kidding aside, there are no plans for such a registry, we do not track the tag numbers that are shipped to our Customers unless they are returned for a warranty claim. Back to Top

- Yes there is a mother-in-law tag under consideration that will provide enhanced transmit range, so that you can be fully prepared for Mom's arrival. Imagine her surprise when you have that special beverage and steaming hot hors d'ouvres platter ready for Mom and greet her the moment she arrives at the door. Back to Top

- Because there are so many possible tag numbers (it will error-out most calculators), each tag that is issued is one of a kind and will never be numerically repeated for our systems. The tag number is unique. Our software plug-in or module only reads tags that are manually entered; to do so requires knowledge of the tag number. For this reason, you should protect your tags numbers and not distribute them. Without the tag number, If your neighbor had a similar system, he or she would have to guess from a possibility of 209,227,891,888,000 possible tag numbers, then enter that tag number in our software setup AND know what that tag number was assigned to.  Back to Top

- Yes, we have two products under test at the present time that will allow you to transmit the ReaderNet RS485 Data  wirelessly making for a totally wireless system, except of course for the interconnecting cables from R500 to the transceiver, etc. Local Power Supplies will be required at each reader and Transceiver. Back to Top

- The RX202-HA reader is only compatible with HomeSeer v1.7.XX, Indigo 5.x or later and Crestron Systems with our respective plug-ins. The RX202HA Reader is NOT compatible with HAL2000 at this time. Back to Top

- Yes we presently have a temperature tag under evaluation, there are also tests under way for Bicycle tags and some other super top secret tags. We can custom manufacture specialized tags if they are ordered in sufficient quantity.  Send your ideas to us.  Back to Top

- RF Shields are under development and can be viewed online. A press release will be issued when we are serious. Back to Top

- For systems purchased from we can provide fee based design, consulting and project management services and can arrange for installation by local trades with on-site supervision. Fees apply.  Please Contact us.

- Yes there is a handheld reader available that is special ordered and programmed specific to your project, such as inventory management. Please contact us with Specifics on your requirements. Back to Top

- The RX202 Readers and Tags are listed with the following agencies:

Acronym   Agencies


  17 European Countries
IDA   Infocom Development Authority Singapore
FCC   Federal Communications Committee
Industry Canada   Canadian Certification Body
C-Tick   Australia and New Zealand
SAR   Specific Absorption Rate
HERO   Military Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation Ordinance
DO 160 C   Aircraft Industry
IS   Intrinsically Safe Certification