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HAI Serial Interface Board

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HAI Serial Interface Board Product Description and Specifications

The Model 10A17 Serial Interface can be used with an OmniLT, Omni, Omni II, OmniPro, or OmniPro II controller. It allows the controller to be connected to a personal computer or other system to exchange data and commands. The controller can be accessed continuously and in real time though the interface without affecting the operation of the controller. HAI offers two standard protocols: Omni-Link and Pro-Link. All HAI Omni, OmniPro, and Aegis systems with Version 1.5 or later firmware support Omni-Link. Omni-Link has defined message formats to retrieve status and send commands to the controller. OmniPro with Version 1.6 or later firmware and OmniLT, Omni II, and OmniPro II with Version 2.1 or later firmware also support Pro-Link. Pro-Link is a programmable protocol whose messages can be programmed into the controller. Using Pro-Link, an HAI controller can send commands to and interpret commands from systems that are not programmable, such as lighting controls and infrared controls.

The Model 10A17 supports both RS-232 and RS-485 connections. RS-232 is the standard for connections to most personal computers and related systems. RS-485 can support greater wiring distances.


  • Connects to OmniLT, Omni, Omni II, OmniPro, or OmniPro II controller
  • Indicators for status, transmit, and receive data
  • Male DB-9 connector for RS-232 connection, configured as DTE (same as a personal computer)
  • Use standard "data transfer" or "null modem" cable for connection to personal computer
  • Use standard "modem" cable for connection to a modem
  • (Cable not supplied; cables are commonly available at computer supply stores for your application)
  • 2 terminals provided for RS-485 connections, A and B
  • Powered by controller - no external power required
  • Wiring diagrams to make your own cable included


  • Available on OmniLT, Omni, Omni II, OmniPro, and OmniPro II
  • Half-duplex, poll/response protocol where connected system is master, controller is slave
  • Works with HAI PC Access Version 1.5 or later for high speed local status and upload/download (9600 baud)
  • Works with auto answer high speed modem for fast remote status and upload/download (9600 baud)
  • Connected system logs onto controller using valid 4 digit code for security
  • Connected system can get status of all zones, units, flags, temperatures, security status, troubles, etc.
  • Supports all STATUS and COMMAND features of the HAI PC Access Software
  • Connected system can poll a special buffer for real time, quick access to system events, such as doors opening, motion detected, system armed, button activated, etc
  • Automatic logoff after period of inactivity for security
  • Ideal for connection to PC based automation system, touch screen, TV interface device, internet server, other system that needs to command or get status from the HAI controller


  • Available on OmniLT, Omni II, OmniPro, and OmniPro II
  • Allows transmission of messages under program control
  • Each message can be up to 15 ASCII characters long
  • Incoming ASCII strings that match stored strings activate macros in the controller
  • Messages can be sent using any system trigger - timed, event, or macro, just like any other item in the controller
  • Can be used to link two or more controllers together
  • Ideal for connection to non-programmable systems such as lighting controller, infra red controller, other controller with serial port capability

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