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Indigo Pro v7.x Home Control Server for OS X


Indigo Pro v7.x Home Control Server for OS X Product Description and Specifications

Indigo is an intelligent home control server that integrates an assortment of home control hardware modules to provide unprecedented control of your home. Indigo's built-in Web server and client/server architecture give you control and access to your home remotely from other Macs, PCs, internet tablets, PDAs, and mobile phones. Indigo Touch, the native app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, allows seamless remote control of your home from virtually anywhere. Save money, conserve water, and reduce electrical usage by automating your home with Indigo's unlimited scheduling and control logic.


With Indigo v7 you can:

  • Integrate with Wavetrend Long Range RFID for tracking people, pets and assets with our RFID Plugin
  • Remotely control lights, fans, appliances, thermostats, sprinkler systems, etc., from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using Indigo Touch, from any Web browser and from a variety of handheld remote controls.
  • Incorporate motion detectors to turn on lights or other devices, or even to detect the direction someone is walking.
  • Automatically send emails based on events, like power failure or motion detection.
  • Automatically turn on landscape or holiday lighting at sunset and off at sunrise.
  • Create complex conditionals on Triggers and Schedules using an intuitive rule builder (like email filters in Mail app) with no scripting.
  • Create different lighting scenes, for example “Party,” “Movie,” “Sleeping,” “Away,” for perfect multi-room lighting levels at the touch of a button.
  • Save money and energy by automating your thermostat usage. (Pro only feature)
  • Save money and reduce water usage by automating your sprinkler usage. (Pro only feature)
  • Remotely control any appliance or light, even your hot tub, from your mobile phone by sending Indigo an email. (Pro only feature)
  • Remotely control iTunes and dozens of other applications. (Pro only feature)
  • Incredible flexibility for thousands of other uses -- use your imagination!
  • Check out the competitive comparison charts which provide an in-depth list of features supported by Indigo (both Lite and Pro) and how those features compare to other solutions.
  • In addition to having a built-in Web server, Indigo Pro also provides custom Control Pages allowing the graphical creation of powerful control pages capable of controlling lighting, appliances, sprinklers, and more. 
  • Indigo Pro's Control Page editor allows you to create and edit Control Pages without the need to understand HTML, CSS, or JavaScript programming. Rich AJAX-driven Web pages are automatically created providing you a quick way to access, control and receive real-time status of your home.

Indigo's intuitive user interface allows you to create complex home control logic without complex scripting languages. For those comfortable with scripting languages, Indigo Pro has robust support for the Python scripting language which includes full access to all objects and hundreds of commands. And for users comfortable with AppleScript, Indigo Pro provides a thorough and powerful AppleScript object model and dozens of AppleScript verbs.

Robust Client/Server Architecture

Indigo was developed from the ground up to be a robust, Mac OS X native, home control server. Mac OS X, with its preemptive multi-tasking and protected memory, makes for an outstanding home control operating system. When idle, Indigo uses a very small percentage of your computer's CPU cycles. This means you will not have any problems running Indigo in the background while you use your computer to do other tasks.

Indigo's client/server architecture allows remote control and configuration from any local or remote location that has network access to your Mac running Indigo. The server supports local network access through a native Universal Binary Mac OS client as well as Web browser access provided by the Indigo server's built-in Web server (Note: client network access is only allowed in Indigo Pro). The Indigo server can be installed on any Mac running OS X 10.5.8 or higher and can run in the background with no UI visible.

Indigo Pro also supports a robust Plugin API which allows 3rd parties to extend Indigo to support almost any type of device - Alarm Panels, relay devices, IP cameras, pool control systems. The API can also be used to integrate data from other sources such as weather data from WeatherBug, instant messaging, social sites. With Plugins, Indigo is now capable of almost limitless control of your environment.

How does it work (what is INSTEON and X10)?

Indigo communicates with both INSTEON and X10 compatible devices, such as light switch modules, sprinkler controllers, and appliance modules, to both control your home and get the status of devices in your home (motion detectors, light status, etc.). INSTEON and X10 compatible devices use your existing home wiring to communicate. You do not have to run any new wires!

To communicate to INSTEON / X10 compatible devices Indigo supports the PowerLinc (2412U/S, 2413U/S, 2414U*, 1132CU, 1132U) home control interfaces, available in these starter packages, and is the first Mac software that can control both INSTEON and X10 compatible devices. Indigo also supports several X10 home control interfaces such as the ActiveHome Pro (CM15A), or if you have a USB to serial adapter, either the CM11/HD11, LynX-PLC serial computer interfaces.

 Indigo Discussion Forum:

Join the Indigo RFID Discussion Forum

The different computer interfaces (PowerLinc and others) have different capabilities. This feature comparison matrix can help you decide which computer interface is right for your needs.

Our hardware overview page has details on the different types of devices compatible with Indigo, like: switch modules, lamp modules, appliance modules, motion detectors, and remote controls.

System Requirements

• Mac with either an Intel or PowerPC G5 or G4 (867 MHz or higher) processor, and Mac OS X 10.5.8 or higher (Mountain Lion Compatible)

• To user RFID, you must have a Mac with either an Intel 1.83 MHz Core Duo or higher processor, and Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher (Mountain Lion Compatible) and 2GB RAM minimum

• INSTEON or X10 computer interface: PowerLinc Modem (2412U / 2412S / 2413U / 2413S / 2448A7), PowerLinc V2 (2414U)*, PowerLinc Controller (1132CU), PowerLinc USB (1132U), ActiveHome Pro (CM15A), ActiveHome (CM11), or LynX-PLC

If you do not have the required hardware, you can still use the software in offline mode.

*NOTE: The 2414U will not work with INSTEON devices shipping after March 2012. These devices use a new firmware version that is incompatible with the 2414U. Smarthome has announced that they are discontinuing the 2414U and they have no plans to release an update.


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