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RFID Starter Kit LE for Indigo Domotics

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RFID Starter Kit LE for Indigo Domotics Product Description and Specifications

Limited Edition of Our Best Selling RFID Starter Kit for Indigo

Already Own Indigo 6.x ? This Limited Edition of our RFID Starter kit inludes virtually everything you need to get started with RFID and automation whether it is in your home or business if you already own Indigo Home Automation Software. The kit includes our RFID Software Plug-In for Indigo, The New Compact RX50 RFID Solo Reader, A right angle 1/8 Wave Antenna, Two TG-P Active Duo Tags for windshield or personnel use, One TGFL Key Fob and a 15 foot Micro USB Cable (Works in every country via USB Power). Perfect for Vehicle ID and automation sequences. Just connect to a Indigo equipped Mac running OS X and add a variety of long range RFID tags from our selection online for autos, people, and physical assets.

The RX50 reader is a single node, single Reader ID that cannot be expanded. If additional readers are required or desired inthe future, please order Our RFID Starter Kit for Indigo.

Customized for and home automation applications, this Limited Edition RX50 Solo RFID Reader is used in conjunction with Indigo Software and is specifically designed for detection (or absence) of people, vehicles, pets and personal assets. The  RFID Reader provides near field or long range coverage for real-time detection of people, pets, vehicles or anything else you can identify with one of the various Active RFID tags.

Features of the RX50 Solo Reader:

  • Compact Size 2" x 2.5" x 1"
  • Range up to 60' with supplied antenna
  • Low Current Consumption 10ma
  • New AGC Circuit prevents signal "flooding"
  • RF Hardened Receiver
  • Can be connected via Micro-USB Port and Powered over USB
  • Aluminum enclosure provides better shielding.
  • Can Extend Wiring up to 100 feet away from Computer with Optional Serial Breakout Cable and Power Supply.
  • Can add optional antenna for increased range
The RX50 Solo reader is a single node, single Reader ID that cannot be expanded. If additional readers are required, please order Our RFID Starter Kit for Indigo.

The RX50 Solo Reader communicates with Indigo using:

  • An Apple MAC running OS X 10.6.8 or later with a 1.83 MHz Core Duo or faster processor, 2GB RAM, via a USB-Serial Adaptor (with FTDI Chipset) Running Indigo 6.x or later Software

Additional readers cannot be added to the LE System. If additional readers are required or desired for future exapnsion, please order Our RFID Starter Kit for IndigoThe RX50 Solo reader is range settable via software to adjust for the requirements of the room or application. Range adjustable antennas can be discretely hidden in walls, ceilings, and doorways to identify and track tag activity. The Reader can simultaneously read multiple Active RFID tags at ranges of up to 450 feet (with addition of optional antennas), and can also register and report the disappearance or unauthorized movement of individual RFID tags. This model is for use ONLY with Mac OS X Computers with Indigo Software. A FREE Indigo plug-in is included with purchase.

Beyond RFID, with Indigo Software*, you can also:

  • Control the lights, HVAC, garage door or security system when your car approaches or leaves your home.
  • Detect if vehicle is in the garage.
  • Detect a person entering or leaving a room or area.
  • Arm or Disarm Security by individual tag.
  • Automatically open a "pet" door when your pet approaches the door.
  • Control, Lights, Music, and Temperature based upon the presence or absence of a tag - watch your friends be amazed at the total comfort you have in your home when your environment follows you from room to room!
  • Track the location of domestic help or children by logging in to your Indigo system from anywhere in the world.
  • Get notified by email or phone* when a child gets home from school.
  • Use an alarm tag with loved ones needing assistance and provide them with both the means of alerting you when they are in trouble and for you to monitor them for normal, uninhibited activity.
  • Inhibit Video, Audio or other controls if a tag (such as a parent) is not present.
  • Track physical assets and perform
  • notification if one is "removed" from an area.
  • Get notified if pets wander outside of a given range.
  • Sound an alert when kids wander outside of a given range or wander near hazards such as swimming pools and streets.
  • Get reminders to take out the trash if the garbage can is still detected at the house on garbage night.
  • Using Optional Keyfob, Log When Teens leave and arrive back home.
  • And Much Much More

Minimum System Requirements for Use With Indigo:

  • Apple Mac with either an Intel or PowerPC G5 or G4 (867 MHz or higher) processor, and Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher (Mountain Lion Compatible)
  • INSTEON or X10 computer interface: PowerLinc Modem (2412U / 2412S / 2413U / 2413S / 2448A7), PowerLinc V2 (2414U)**, PowerLinc Controller (1132CU), PowerLinc USB (1132U), ActiveHome Pro (CM15A), ActiveHome (CM11), or LynX-PLC
  • **NOTE: The 2414U will not work with INSTEON devices shipping after March 2012. These devices use a new firmware version that is incompatible with the 2414U. 

*Additional software or hardware may be required.

Directional Antennas are also available.

Downloads Available for this Item:

Download the Long Range RFID Reader Manual for Indigo

Simple Wiring Block Diagram:

View a Simple Block Diagram



Note that software and RFID items cannot be returned unless defective, in which case we will exchange the defective items for new. RFID components are custom components that are programmed to order and unique to a single Customer. There is a 25% restocking fee for the cancellation of any RFID order prior to shipment. Once shipped, RFID orders are not refundable.

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Product Reviews

  1. Great For Presence Detection 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Apr 2014

    I tried various other schemes to detect home or away status in my Indigo
    based home automation system. Every other solution was unreliable at best.
    The iAutomate RFID seems expensive at first but when you consider the cost
    of remotes and keyfobs etc and look at the fact that this will trigger
    scenes automatically with no user input, its a bargain. I think home
    automation should be automatic with no input by the user and this makes it
    possible for a welcome home scene. I bought the limited edition and it works
    so well I am considering getting the multiple reader option for other areas
    of my home as well.

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